[Sales start] NFT Art

New project started

Kiriken Masayo has entered into a partnership with Nifty Planet and will begin selling its first NFT art on December 3, 2021.

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What is NFT?

Abbreviation for “Non Fungible Token”, which means “digital data with a non-counterfeit certificate and ownership certificate”.

What is Nifty Planet?

NiftyPlanet is a global marketplace for NFT art.

Project purpose

The cutting sword Masayo has been supported by many domestic and foreign fans, but with the conventional sales method, due to issues such as the number of works produced, physical mailing method, customs and other taxes, especially overseas fans It was difficult to deliver the work to people.

Therefore, we decided to sell works using NFT so that more people and people all over the world can enjoy paper-cutting.

We will continue to focus on making works based on the sale of this work, so we appreciate your continued support.

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